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All of our All American flags have black fields (union) on which there are red stars. This union represents that

which most unites us around the world—our Africaness. The red stars represent the blood of the best of people

which has been spilled in our centuries long struggle for survival and independence. In the tradition of Marcus

Garvey, red stands for the blood of the people shed in struggle, black for the people themselves and green for

the youth and new ideas. If possible, possess and display each flag from time to time to deepen our

consciousness and expression of unity.

Roll over photos below for a description of each flag.


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The Islander

3ft. X 5ft


The Middle Passage

3ft. X 5ft

The Mainlander

3ft. X 5ft

The Islander


3ft. X 5ft

The Middle Passage (Small)

3ft. X 5ft

Lapel Pin

Car Window Flag


Our 3 foot x 5 foot flags are beautifully sewn from 100% nylon material. The stripes are sewn using thread color matched to the stripes on both the top and bottom. The red stars are embroidered using a dense, rich stitch. These flags are constructed using a canvas and grommet heading so the flags can be attached to flag poles (can be purchased in many retail stores). Depending on the type of flag pole used, this heading allows the flags to be flown outside your home, carried in a parade or attached to a standing pole and kept in your office.

Our 12 inch x 18 inch flags are expertly dyed using 100% nylon material. It is a hand-held flag attached to a black plastic staff topped with a small gold color spearhead. These flags are perfect for celebrative affairs such as parades and marches. The flags can also be removed from their staffs and hung from decorative wrought iron holders (can be purchased in many arts and crafts stores) and hung like a banner.


Simple attachment to your wall to decorate your home or office are also fine ways to show your flags.